sailing with wine

Q: Who can join TASS?

A: Just about anyone! TASS is a sailing and social club based in Houston, Texas. We are the finest sailing club in the Galveston Bay Texas area for single adults, couples, and married couples who share a love of sailing.  TASS is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote the recreational sport of sailing.

Q: Do I need to own a boat to go sailing?

A: Nope. In fact, the majority of our members do not own their own boats. Most of our sailing is done on sailboats chartered in the Clear Lake / Kemah / Seabrook area outside Houston, TX.  We sail virtually every weekend on Galveston Bay on boats skippered by qualified TASS sailors.

Q: What if I’ve never even been sailing before?

A: No problem! We sponsor training and classes for all levels of sailing skills. Nearly all our sails, classes, and social events are open to non-members.

Q: When are your meetings?

A: We meet every Thursday evening. We mingle, discuss upcoming activities, and sign up for events.  Event registration can also be done online at this website.  Our current weekly meeting location can be found on our Facebook page as well as our Calendar of Events.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: You can join TASS online or in person at one of our weekly meetings.

Q: How much are dues?

A: $65 (1st year) and $60 annually for early renewals.

Q: Do you guys go places beyond Galveston Bay?

A: You bet! While trips outside the Gulf of Mexico are not typically sponsored by TASS, some of our members frequently organize charter boat sailing trips and invite like-minded sailors to share the adventure!

Q: Where do you go?

A: TASS members have traveled to and sailed some fabulous destinations.  Past trips include Greece, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, various Caribbean islands, Galapagos Islands, Croatia, Ireland, San Francisco, Key West, Maine, and Chesapeake Bay. To browse photos of our latest adventures, click here.

Q: Neat! How can I learn more?

A: Sailing trip coordinators organize, publicize, and recruit for their individual trips. Interested participants contact the trip coordinator or someone planning to skipper a charter boat.  Prices for each trip vary based on location, boat amenities, and number of participants.  TASS members: watch for trip details in the monthly TASS Topsider and weekly TASS Blast emails, or log in to view upcoming trips posted on the Member Area Calendar.

Q: Who can be in a TASS race?

A: TASS members and their guests are welcome to be a part of our races. Compete with fellow sailors, practice race tactics, and sharpen your sailing skills. PHRF certificate not required. Cruisers are welcome but spinnakers are prohibited, per standard race rules.

Q: Where do these races take place?

A: All TASS races are conducted on Galveston Bay. Skippers meetings are held at either the Waterford Harbor Ice House or the pier 13 pavilion at the parking lot level, and begin at 10am on race day. Skippers, crew and guests are welcome to attend. Click here for TASS race marks map and race marks table.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Register boat by Thursday prior to the Saturday race.  Pay the $10 member or $20 non-member boat race fee online, at a meeting, or at the skippers meeting.  Race course and start time(s) are announced at Skippers meeting. Click here to view this year’s race schedule.

Q: What happens after the race?

A: We party! An award ceremony and festivities follow each race. More specific information can be found on our Calendar of Events.

Q: What sorts of local sails do you typically do?

A: We sail almost every weekend! We offer half-day leisure sails, full-day leisure sails, crew training sails, moonlight sails, regatta sails, and weekend sailing trips. We charter boats ranging from 20-50 feet in length, which typically accommodate 6-10 passengers. Prior sailing experience is not necessary! You can relax and just observe, jump in and take the helm, or anything in between.

Q:  What kinds of classes do you offer?

A: We provide hands-on training out on the water, as well as on land. Our course offerings include beginner, intermediate, and advanced crew training sails. TASS skippers are qualified, have experienced crew on board, and have been approved by the TASS Board to serve as skippers for TASS club-chartered sails.

Q: How do I sign up for a sail?

A: Sign up here on our website, just click Calendar of Events and select a sail!  Registration can also be done in person at our weekly meetings.

Current prices for TASS sails*             Member / Non-Member

Day sail                                                      $50 / $65

Moonlight sail                                             $50 / $65

Training sail                                                $65 / $80

*or as listed on the TASS event registration

The TASS skipper for your boat will contact you (generally 1 day prior to the sail) to confirm boat name/location, boarding time, departure time, and answer any question you may have regarding the sail.  Our weekend sails are usually scheduled for sailing Galveston Bay.  We charter out of the Kemah and League City, TX area.  The charter company name and location are listed and linked to maps on your online event registration.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Wear good deck shoes for traction (NO black soles please!), sunglasses, sun screen, lip balm, a hat or visor, a light jacket (it’s about 10 degrees cooler on the water), rain gear if rain is forecast, and sea sickness medication if you are prone to motion sickness. (Dramamine or Bonine are available without a prescription, and saltine crackers or gingersnap cookies help with this, too!)

Please provide food and beverage for yourself (use a soft-sided cooler or the boat’s cooler), and some to share (optional).   A camera or cellphone for taking pictures is also fun to have on board!